Rugby World Cup Final: Best Betting Sites and Odds for 2023

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Oct 25, 2023 and Updated Nov 17th, 2023
Rugby World Cup Final: Best Betting Sites and Odds for 2023

The Rugby World Cup 2023 final is right around the corner, with the much-anticipated clash between rugby titans South Africa and New Zealand set for October 28, 2023. The Rugby World Cup Final stands as the culmination of weeks of fierce competition, where the world’s top two teams contend for the ultimate rugby prize. This monumental event promises to be a historic showdown, and besides the thrilling action on the field, there’s another exhilarating way to be part of the excitement – rugby betting. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential aspects of betting on this momentous Rugby World Cup Final. From the best betting sites to various bet types, strategies, and so much more. So, let’s get this ball rolling!

Best betting sites for the Rugby World Cup final

Before you get started on understanding the odds or finding the best sports betting bonuses, you need to find the best rugby betting site for you and your needs. Whether you want the best odds, or the most betting options, or even the most payment methods, we have a platform for you. So let’s take a look at:


Rugby betting at BC.Game.
Rugby betting at BC.Game.

This Bitcoin rugby betting site is offering odds of 1.8 for New Zealand and 2.15 for South Africa. Players betting on a draw have odds of 20.00. Players can bet on handicaps, total tries, first to reach 10 points, final scoring play, and so much more. This platform offers more than 100 cryptocurrency payment methods, so if you want to bet on this World Cup final with an NFT, BC.Game is the site for you. 

Visit BC.Game


Rugby betting at Stake.
Rugby betting at Stake.

This Bitcoin rugby betting site is offering odds of 1.78 for New Zealand and 2.13 for South Africa. Players betting on a draw have odds of 19.00. Players can bet on the overall winner, Asian handicaps, handicaps, double chance, halftime/fulltime, and more. Stake might be a great rugby betting site, but also offers some of the best sports betting bonuses and promotions within the industry. 

Visit Stake 


Rugby betting at Thunderpick.
Rugby betting at Thunderpick.

Unfortunately at the time of writing, this Bitcoin rugby betting site does not have its odds publicly available yet. From previous rugby matches and events, we can see that this platform allows players to bet on total points, point handicaps, first-half winners, overall winners, and more. Thunderpick is one of the most well-established and trusted crypto sports betting sites, so they are always on top of our lists. 

Visit Thunderpick 


Rugby betting at FortuneJack.
Rugby betting at FortuneJack.

This Bitcoin rugby betting site is offering odds of 1.8 for New Zealand and 2.15 for South Africa. Players betting on a draw have odds of 20.00. Players can bet on total points, the first half, the second half, tries per team, the first scoring play, and so much more. Another fan favorite in the sports betting industry, FortuneJack usually offers the best and most quantitive selection of betting options, and this match is no different. 

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While we highly recommend these casinos for your Rugby World Cup betting needs, there are so many other great platforms out there. If you are looking to further explore your options, then check out our list of the Best Rugby Crypto Betting Sites of 2023.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Bitcoin betting bonuses

Before you make a final decision on what rugby betting site you are going to choose, consider platforms that prioritize your gameplay with bonuses and promotions. 

Securing a sports betting bonus or promotion could mean that you get more funds to bet with, or that you have insurance in case you lose. Whether you want cashback, deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, or just free bets in general, check out these Rugby World Cup 2023 Bitcoin Betting Bonuses.

Understanding rugby betting odds

Before delving into rugby betting, comprehending odds is essential. In rugby, odds signify the probability of a specific outcome. While odds formats may vary, the fundamental principles remain consistent. For instance, if a team’s odds to win are 2.00, a $100 wager could yield a $200 profit if that team emerges victorious. It is as simple as multiplying your bet amount against the odds you are betting on. 

Types of bets for the Rugby World Cup final

Betting can be as simple as predicting the outright winner, but it can get even more rewarding when you delve into the nitty gritty of who will score the first try or which team will be the first to 10 points. There are so many types of bets, but these are some of the most popular:

  • Moneyline Bet: Predicting the outright winner of the match.
  • Point Spread: Betting on the margin of victory.
  • Over/Under (Totals): Wagering on the total points scored in the match.
  • Prop Bets: Placing bets on specific in-game events, such as the first try scorer.
  • Futures: Betting on long-term outcomes, such as the tournament winner.

In addition to team-oriented bets, you can also explore betting on individual player performances. Consider wagers on a player’s try-scoring ability, tackles made, or total meters run. This adds an extra layer of excitement as you closely follow your chosen player’s performance throughout the match.

Betting strategies for the Rugby World Cup 2023

Successfully betting on the Rugby World Cup Final entails strategic planning. To make informed bets, consider tapping into the insights provided by expert analysts and rugby pundits. While expert analysis can be valuable, always bear in mind that sports are inherently unpredictable, and upsets are an integral part of the game. Here are some general strategies to also consider:

  • Research: Thoroughly study team statistics, player form, and historical data.
  • Bankroll Management: Establish a budget and adhere to it.
  • Diversify Bets: Spread your wagers across various options to mitigate risk.
  • Live Betting: Seize opportunities for in-play betting as the game unfolds.

Is rugby history repeating itself?

With these two rugby powerhouses facing it off in the final, we can’t help but wonder if history isn’t repeating itself?  With both teams currently having a history of 3 World Cup wins, we are forced to look back at the last World Cup that they played against each other.

In 1995, South Africa walked away from the World Cup victorious over New Zealand with a score of 15-12. Will South Africa claim another World Cup win against New Zealand? Or is New Zealand coming to rewrite its past mistakes? Only time will tell. 

The Rugby World Cup is getting really exciting

As we approach October 28, 2023, the Rugby World Cup final promises a historic clash between South Africa and New Zealand. Set your clocks for 8pm BST and get ready to win or lose with the teams you love. 

Betting on this grand event adds an extra layer of excitement and an opportunity to test your rugby knowledge. Explore the best rugby betting sites, grasp the odds, and employ effective betting strategies to enhance your enjoyment of this thrilling experience. Remember to bet responsibly, and savor the action on and off the field during the Rugby World Cup 2023 Final. Best of luck bettors!