What Does CT Mean in Crypto?

By Julia Cook
Published Aug 15, 2022 and Updated Dec 1st, 2022

‘CT’ stands for ‘Crypto Twitter’ and refers to the active Twitter community on Twitter who Tweet about various crypto and blockchain topics on the platform.

Twitter is filled with a multitude of communities for everything from specific franchises, to book series, to various industries, including cryptocurrency. ‘Crypto Twitter (CT)’ refers to the latter community who find each other either by following and commenting on the feeds of major players in the industry such as Vitalik Buterin or Roger Ver.

As with other communities, in order to be ‘heard’ amongst the millions of Twitter users, a crypto community members will often use a relevant hashtag to ensure that they will appear on term searches. Common hashtags include #crypto, #bitcoin, #cryptocurrency, #blockchain, #ethereum, #airdrop or #any other altcoin name. If they are trying to get a specific crypto influencer’s attention they might Tweet at them by using the @ symbol, such as by Tweeting something like ‘Just ask @VitalikButerin’ or similar, which may or may not attract the subjects attention, possibly even resulting in a response.

For instance:

Other uses can be to express enthusiasm or hope for a particular cryptocurrency or blockchain platform, or to express their faith that the crypto economy will rally again by hashtagging phrases such as #wgmi or #HODL. It is common to find crypto enthusiast and blockchain project social media managers Tweeting a string of associated hashtags in an attempt to gain the widest viewership possible.

Alternative meaning:

‘CT’ can also stand for ‘Conspiracy Theorist.’

‘CT’ can stand for ‘computerized tomogrohpy’ which is an X-ray scanning method.