Who is Erik Voorhees?

By Rachel Jacobs
Published Mar 26, 2015 and updated Jan 15th, 2022
Who is Erik Voorhees?

Erik Voorhees is a strong advocate for Bitcoin. Originally from Colorado, he moved to multiple places, both in the US and out. He has claimed that he previously renounced his US citizenship, however as of 2014 he had reinstated his citizenship. Voorhees currently resides in Panama City, and as someone who is a firm believer of separation between money and state, he keeps all of his finances in Bitcoin.

Voorhees is the founder and former CEO of Coinapult, which is a company that tranfers Bitcoins through emails and text messages. He worked as Director of Marketing at BitInstant, and in 2012 he founded SatoshiDice, a big Bitcoin gambling site. In 2013 he sold the gambling site for over 100,000 Bitcoins, valuing $11.5 million at the time, this was said to be the first big Bitcoin Acquisition.

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