With great power comes great responsibility. No, we’re not going to start talking about Spider-man (although that would be fun…) but we’re rather referring to breaking news from the biggest Bitcoin casino out there – Bitcasino.io. Due to jurisdiction issues with its official licensing from Montenegro, Bitcasino has officially stopped accepting US casino players.

In the world of Bitcoin gambling, the ability to play anonymously from anywhere in the world was a major advantage for new and upcoming casinos to gain footing in the space. The lack of official regulation in regards to Bitcoin and its use at casinos allowed these sites to advertise openness to the world and thereby attract more customers than a fiat casino would during its initial stages.

The issue with Bitcasino is that the problem with handling the great responsibility of being at the top. It is no secret that Bitcasino.io is the largest Bitcoin casino, offering the highest jackpots, most games and some incredible prizes to its VIPs. However, with that power comes the never-ending need to innovate and adapt, and an official license was a no-brainer. All casinos want to be as legitimate as they can be for their players and to ensure stability and security. But it came at a price.

Bitcasino is following in the footsteps of Primedice, which recently stopped its US traffic in order to help itself grow. When you have reached the size and stature of these sites, it’s certainly difficult to pull the trigger on such a decision, but it is definitely worth it in the long run.

Bitcasino has achieved a lot of “firsts” in the Bitcoin casino space – first to 500+ games, first to be licensed, and now the first official Bitcoin casino to say no to one of the world’s largest gambling markets. Who knows what other firsts in can accomplish due its ability to confidently make this decision, but one thing is for sure – more regulation and licensing in the Bitcoin world is not a bad thing. Even if it means preventing US players from experiencing your site. That’s just the great responsibility that you deal with after acquiring such great power.


If you are American, let us suggest an equally great Bitcoin casino that accepts US players: BetChain. Click here to visit and start playing.



Adam Davis

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