Interview With Andrew Vi The CEO Of CoinsBank

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Mar 29, 2017 and updated Jan 15th, 2022
Interview With Andrew Vi The CEO Of CoinsBank

CoinsBank is one of the most ambitious blockchain companies there are. It focused on providing all kinds of blockchain-powered solutions for a wide range of customers. CoinsBank thus turned into an all-in-one gateway to blockchain services. Its portfolio includes wallets, cards, exchanges, charts and financial information, mobile apps and other solutions for merchants interested in blockchain technology integration. We interviewed Andrew Vi, the new CEO of CoinsBank – Ronny Boesing left his post as CEO on March 1st, 2017 to pursue other interests – to get a deeper insight into CoinsBank’s operations and its future in the blockchain industry.

The CoinsBank Cruise

Bitcoin Chaser: CoinsBank offers a wide range of products and services for the cryptocurrency and digital asset market. How does the 2017 cruise fit into all of this?

Andrew Vi: For years, we have participated in different conferences around the globe. The typical 1-2 days’ conferences where you meet hundreds of new people during the coffee breaks, are not a networking, but a quick exchange of business cards. That is not effective. We decided to create an ideal atmosphere for networking, to build a community of experts and key enthusiasts, who want to make a difference in the industry through collaboration. And why not to do that aboard Anthem of the Seas by Royal Caribbean, one of the biggest luxury cruise liners, while traveling the most beautiful spots of the Caribbean?

BC: You have managed to put many of the most highly regarded individuals together for a 9-day cruise through the Caribbean with conferences on board and a wide variety of activities. Which kind of outcome do you expect from this after the cruise is over?

AV: To bring the wave of changes and cooperation. Our previous event in Turkey was a tremendous success leading to number of great partnerships and successful projects.  We continue to receive a positive feedback to this day and expect to see many familiar faces.

Bitcoin Debates on the CoinsBank Cruise

BC:  How significant will the role of the SegWit vs Unlimited debate be during the cruise?

AV: We hope that prior to our departure, all debates around SegWit vs BU will calm down and there would be nothing to discuss.

CoinsBank Business Perspectives

BC: Shifting to your line of products and services, which are the 5 biggest regions or countries by sale volumes for CoinsBank?

AV: Number of our clients grows every day, but most of them are from US, India, Russia, UK, Germany.

BC: In which countries or regions do you expect to expand more during the next 2 to 3 years

AV: Our focus is not on quantity of customers in specific regions, but on development of the highest quality service, to be enjoyed worldwide.

CoinsBank’s Role in the Market for the Unbanked

BC: Cryptocurrency and digital assets have been lauded as a game changer for all the so called ‘unbanked’ people around the world. How do you see CoinsBank products fitting into this market?

AV: Changes don’t happen overnight.  We are proud to be among industry trailblazing pioneers, not silently observing but creating the future and setting the standards for all to emulate. CoinsBank has an established reputation as an all-in-one gateway to blockchain services. We offer not only streamlined product for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, but can proudly claim to be the model blockchain bank of the future.

At the recent DC Blockchain Summit CoinsBank representatives received positive feedback regarding their business model, as well as the usefulness of the tools of CoinsBank from many entities including: The Treasury Department, GSA, the Federal Reserve, FBI, and others.  We were very pleased to hear a success story of our German client who used CoinsBank card to aid his fiancé in Venezuela, who due to financial turmoil is not able to receive money by neither wire transfer or Western Union. We are very pleased that our products make such a significant impact and save lives.

Bitcoin Transaction Issues

BC: How is the whole bitcoin transaction problem affecting your business?

AV: We have created a successful model, which allows us to resolve associated issues.

BC: How would you feel about an off-chain solution to bitcoin transaction issues?

AV: CoinsBank is a law-abiding financial organization. There are not many legitimate purposes to perform off-chain transactions outside of intragroup payments. Unless transparency is an issue, bitcoin blockchain echo system is perfect as is.  As number of transactions continues to grow it will only help us to grow faster.

The Future of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Markets

BC: What do you think will happen with bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets over the next 2 to 3 years?

AV: In Bitcoin and CoinsBank we Trust.