Hi-Lo: Try Your Hand and Learn How to Play

Hi-lo is a card game with simple rules and high levels of reward. Here, you can learn the ropes on how to play Hi-lo.

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Published Jul 29, 2020 and updated Jan 17th, 2022
Hi-Lo: Try Your Hand and Learn How to Play

If you are looking to learn the ropes of card games and get a feel for the gambling thrill, Hi-Lo is definitely the right choice with you. With simple rules and high levels of both entertainment and reward, it sounds as if the game of Hi-Lo is a win for whoever plays it.

How to Play

  • Get your wagers ready and place your bet.
  • A card is dealt by the dealer to participating players.
  • Predict whether the next card will be higher or lower.

If the incorrect guess is made, then the player’s wager will be lost and the round will end.

If the player is correct, another bet can be wagered by the player. The result card will become the base car for the next round.

  • The next round begins.

Payouts for Hi-Lo

The payouts for a Hi-Lo game are not consistently the same. The amount received by players after a win depends entirely on the base card value. The fewer chances that are available to pick from the lower the payout becomes. For example, if the base card is lower than 5, dealers are more likely to deal with a higher valued card.

Hi-Lo odds usually have an average house edge of 2.8% which brings your chance down to around 47.5%. Finding a casino that offers a game of Hi-Lo with a house edge of 1% would be the main goal in winning large returns. 

If term house edge confuses you, don’t worry we have the answers you need. To put it simply, the house edge is the mathematical advantage of gambling games. It basically tells the player the advantage the casino has over your play.

When you have grasped the rules, try out a game of Hi-Lo at JacksClub Casino. With a house edge of 1%, gamblers will be in line for some mindless thrills! The RTP rate is another way to determine whether a game will be worth the risk. The house edge refers to all games, to ensure the casino always has an advantage over the player, the RTP rate is the percentage of all wagers placed by players that will be paid back in winnings over the long run. The lower the house edge, the higher the RTP rate will be. The RTP of Hi-Lo could vary between 96% – 98%.

Where to Play Hi-Lo

Hi-Lo at JacksClub Casino

High-quality gambling, impeccable house edge and undeniable thrill, JacksClub Casino is the place to be for any online gambler looking for a good time. With in house game designs and highly engaging graphics, JacksClub Casino has done a superb job at delivering games that allow players to explore gambling like never before.

JacksClub Casino is a lucrative online gambling experience that was established in 2020. Offer players impressive returns and a source of entertainment that cannot be compared to any other platform. The players of JacksClub Casino get to indulge in an adventure that is unique and provides players with a fresh new look at the quality that online gambling can supply.

At JacksClub, the game of Hi-Lo can be played with a maximum of 25 cards, the king is the highest valued card in the game, while the ace is the lowest. To give yourself the optimal playing experience and the upper hand to see the returns you deserve, give Hi-Lo a go at the ultimate online casino, JacksClub Casino.

Play at JacksClub

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Hi-Lo at JacksClub Casino

Hi-Lo at Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is a sleek online gambling experience. Specializing in providing stellar gambling, Ignition Casino is a platform of pure perfection. Indulge in some of the finest gaming options in the business, such as a highly rewarding game of Hi-Lo. 

With the thrill of Hi-Lo combined with the incredible standard at Ignition casino, players can expect big wins and life-changing experiences.

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Time for a Hi-Lo Adventure

With some of the best online platforms joining in on the Hi-Lo trend, this is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the world of  Hi-Lo fun. Hi-Lo provides players with a great design combined with incredible returns, allowing players to experience a more relaxed side of gambling while learning the ropes of more high stake games.

Dive into some electrifying platforms that excel at optimizing the most unique and rewarding games. Try a more lucrative approach to gambling with a game of Hi-Lo.