Rollbit Partners With SSC Napoli Football Team to Dominate Sports Betting 

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Sep 11, 2023 and Updated Nov 17th, 2023
Rollbit Partners With SSC Napoli Football Team to Dominate Sports Betting 

Rollbit has always been known as one of the most innovative casinos within the crypto-gambling industry. Having launched some of the most impressive gambling NFTs, a native gambling token, as well as some unique features out there. 

Rollbit has made a name for itself over multiple great features and just running an effective platform overall. More specifically, Rollbit is known for its extremely rewarding Sports Rollbots, their utility NFT collection where players can claim RLB tokens, multipliers, profit shares, and more. But Rollbit wasn’t done with sports just yet, as their latest announcement showcases. 

On September 6th, 2023, Rollbit took to Twitter to announce their partnership with Italian football club SSC Napoli. They may not be as big or boastful as some of the other football teams out there, such as BC.Game partnering with AFA, but don’t be mistaken, partnering with SSC Napoli is a big deal. 

Last year SSC Napoli won the Italian Serie A title, after 33 years, many believe that their comeback is imminent. As their recent matches have shown, they are somewhat flying through the competition, so there is no doubt they are a good team. 

We are delighted to partner with one of the most iconic teams in world football, SSC Napoli. Gli Azzuri are one of the most beloved teams globally, and the team here at Rollbit are honoured to be a part of the family. We feel this is the perfect time to begin this journey together with SSC Napoli having famously just won the Scudetto, and as we begin to expand and establish ourselves as the most innovative and respected crypto gaming platform.

Sam Norman, Head of Partnerships at Rollbit 

Our main question is why did Rollbit choose to partner with an Italian football team? Do they have a large Italian user base? Did they get a good deal? Why wouldn’t they choose to partner with a lower-league team under the Premier League umbrella? So many questions, and so few answers, but what we do know is that we are happy for Rollbit. 

Within the uprise of crypto and sports sponsorships, we are always happy to see crypto casinos secure some exciting and unique partners. The partnership is set to last two years as Rollbit seeks to bring SSC Napoli fans VIP experiences, matchday and merchandise giveaways, promotions and so much more. 

Rollbit is an ambitious stakeholder in the world of online sports betting, we share their ambition to perform at the top level and are both highly committed to treat our fans to ever more innovative experiences. This partnership fits perfectly with the club’s desire to establish itself as  a leader brand in the international scene and further demonstrates the club’s constant quest to partner with cutting-edge brands like Rollbit.

Tommaso Bianchini, Chief Revenue Officer at SSC Napoli.

We are so excited for Rollbit and also happy to welcome SSC Napoli into the sports betting and crypto gambling scene. We look forward to seeing what doors this partnership can open and how it can help both parties further succeed. Football betting is on the rise. 

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