Top 5 Bitcoin Collectibles For The Holidays

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Dec 16, 2016 and updated Mar 3rd, 2022
Top 5 Bitcoin Collectibles For The Holidays

Buying a gift for a cryptocurrency enthusiast might be challenging. The good news is that there are enough options out there to make their holidays great with a great gift. Bitcoin collectibles, more specifically minted bitcoin is one of those great options. To give a minted coin to a bitcoin enthusiast, might sound like a paradox, but some of these items are very valuable. After all, there’s a reason why these bitcoin collectibles exist. Here are some of the most coveted items in this category and how they work.

Bitcoin Collectibles: The Gift That Keeps On Giving!

Minted bitcoin collectibles work like a cold storage wallet. They can be loaded with bitcoin just as a paper wallet can. Nevertheless, if the private key is exposed, the coin itself might lose its value as a collectible. Each type of minted bitcoin collectible has its own nuances and buyers should be acquainted with them before purchasing the items. Technical issues aside, loaded bitcoin collectibles will probably increase in value not only due to bitcoin prices, but also due to the strengthening market for the collectible itself. That is another characteristic that makes it a great gift for the cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Some of the Bitcoin Collectibles Available for Purchase

Within the bitcoin collectible sector, buyers have several options to choose from. Since the market for these items is gaining considerable strength, buyers can choose to acquire newly minted items from the manufacturer, or they could buy a collectible item from individuals who bought them a few years ago. Here are some examples of the different kinds of bitcoin collectibles available:

  • Bitcoin collectibles on eBay or other peer to peer markets – These items might have a higher value than the newly minted ones. Many are also loaded with coins. Buyers must make sure that the items meet manufacturer security standards before they buy them.
  • Loaded/loadable coins from the manufacturer.
  • Empty coins from manufacturers.

Top 5 Bitcoin Collectibles

There are quite a few manufacturers out there. Choosing the right one is a matter of taste, trust and budget. Here are the top 5 bitcoin collectible manufacturers according to the designs on their websites:

  1. Alitin Mint – Great classic designs featuring Joan of Arc and Adam Smith. Their coins come loaded with a set amount of bitcoin.Alitin Coins
  2. Titan Bitcoin – Coins minted using real gold and silver. Their designs are also classic, featuring lions and, of course, titans. These coins also come loaded with redeemable bitcoin.Titan Coins
  3. Casascius – Probably the most known bitcoin collectible mint. Casascius coins used to come loaded with bitcoin, but FINCEN intervened and since November 27th, 2013, the coins are empty. Buyers can find loaded Casascius coins on sites like eBay.Casascius Coins
  4. Denarium – Also a bitcoin mint with a long trajectory in the business. Denarium is based in Finland, and they have several collections, including a Christmas collection. Their coins can be loaded with variable amounts of bitcoin before they are shipped.Denarium Coins
  5. Lealana Coins – Stunning modern designs. Most of their coins come unloaded and they also offer minted Litecoin.Lealana coins

Final Thoughts

There is definitely a bitcoin collectible item out there for every cryptocurrency enthusiast. The designs of these items are varied and quite detailed. These bitcoin collectibles make a great holiday crypto gift, whether they come loaded with bitcoin or not. Apart from the great designs and their functionality, the way the market for these coins is going, minted bitcoin collectibles are shaping up to be the gift that really keeps on giving!