Bitcoin Who's Who?

With so many interesting individuals in the Bitcoin space, we have compiled a list to make it easier for you to learn about the Bitcoin personalities.

Satoshi Nakamoto

Father of Bitcoin

Best known for the creation of Bitcoin, and his anonymity.

Learn more about Satoshi


Mark Karpelès


Best known for his involvement with Mt. Gox.

Learn more about Mark

Charlie Shrem


Best known as Co-Founder of BitInstant.

Learn more about Charlie

Gavin Andresen


Best known as the Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Learn more about Gavin

Roger Ver


Founder of Memory Dealers and Bitcoin Store.

Learn more about Roger

The Winklvoss Twins


Best known as entrepreneurs and founders of Gemini”.

Learn more about The Winklevi

Erik Voorhees


Best known as the Founder of Coinapult.

Learn more about Erik

Vinny Lingham


Best known as the founder and CEO of Gyft.

Learn more about Vinny

Vitalik Buterin


Best known as Co-Founder of Etherium, and Bitcoin Magazine.

Learn more about Vitalik

Ivan Montik


Best known as the Founder and CEO of Softswiss.

Learn more about Ivan

Perianne Boring


Best known as the author of the ‘Boring Bitcoin Report’

Learn more about Perianne

Marc Kenigsberg


Best known as a gambling affiliate and founder of BitcoinChaser.

Learn more about Marc

Justyna Laskowska


Best known as the CMO of BitBay, a Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange.

Learn more about Justyna

Ross Ulbricht


Best known for involvement in website Silk Road.

Learn more about Ross

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