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Bitcoin is the pinnacle of mobile money. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that bitcoin apps are becoming increasingly popular. This is why we created this bitcoin app list. As programmers and companies move into the market to meet the growing demand, we will have the latest reviews and the best bitcoin apps listed right here for you. Our analysts will take them for a spin and give you all the insights into this incredible developing world. Just scroll down and start picking the ones that fit your needs, read the descriptions and follow our links to download.

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All three of the following apps are very cool, innovative and exciting from a Bitcoin community point of view, and they could not be more different.


Bitcoin Ticker

Price: Free

Keep a track on the Bitcoin price wherever you go with Bitcoin Ticker. The Bitcoin Ticker displays the current Bitcoin price in the converted to the currency of your choosing. You can customise it further by selecting a refresh rate and there is a host of different display options available. Also supports Litecoin (LTC).

bitcoin price app


Download blockfolio bitcoin app
download blockfolio bitcoin app



Price: Free

With Blockfolio you can keep your finger on the pulse of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Its many features include detailed price information and alter notifications when the price crosses a certain threshold. This is a perfect tool for anyone keen to follow the cryptocurrency markets in detail, and indispensable for anyone who wants to trade on them.

blockfolio bitcoin payment app

Visit Blockfolio

Download blockfolio bitcoin app
download blockfolio bitcoin app



Price: Free

Sweatcoin cryptocurrency fitness app encourages you to exercise and earn free cryptocurrency as you do. The app tracks your activity using your phone’s GPS location, and converts your steps into Sweatcoins. Sweatcoins can be returned for a wide range of activities and products, from gift cards and yoga classes to Apple watches and magazine subscriptions. The Sweatcoin app is currently available in the US, UK, and Ireland, but if you live outside these countries you can signup on their website to be notified when the fitness and earning app is available for download in your country.

Visit Sweatcoin

Download blockfolio bitcoin app
download blockfolio bitcoin app



Price: Free

As a Bitcoin investment app, Lawnmower aims to help you earn Bitcoins by investing your fiat currency. You login to the app via your Coinbase account, sync your fiat bank account and then it goes to work. The concept is that the app rounds up your purchases to the nearest dollar and takes that pocket change and converts it into Bitcoin. Now instead of dropping a few pennies in the tip jar, you’ll be putting them towards earning cryptocurrency.

lawnmower cryptocurrency trading app

Visit Lawnmower.io

Download lawnmower app on google play store
download lawnmower app on itunes


Bitcoin Miner

Price: Free

Coming with a ton of downloads and a 4 star rating on Google Play Store, this Bitcoin mining app allows you to earn BTC  in return for displaying advertisements on your phone in your downtime. You control when the app is active, and then it begins mining bitcoin. Noted that you will never get rich with this earning bitcoin app, but you maybe be surprised how well it works. Currently only available on Android devices, but checked back for updates.

Download blockfolio bitcoin app



Price: Free

The app that pays you to text people. While this app deals with GEMZ as opposed to BTC, the currency is similar in that it is a decentralized cryptocurrency. What is does – whenever you refer someone to the app and that person becomes a new participant, you earn 25 GEMZ, which is roughly equivalent to $0.25 (which could be put into Lawnmower by the way…). You can also transfer crypto funds via the messaging service within the app.

getgems bitcoin app
Visit Getgems

Download getgems on the google play store
download getgems on itunes



Price: Free

KryptoGraphe is a cryptocurrency portfolio manager which integrates with your cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Available in 13 languages, KryptoGraphe includes portfolio performance insights, cryptocurrency news, metrics, and market updates. This is a useful tool for anyone who wants to get an overview of the market on the go while keeping on top of their exchange accounts.

kryptographe cryptocurrency app
Visit KryptoGraphe

kryptographe cryptocurrency app
kryptographe itunes app


This isn’t just about making payments with your Bitcoins (ok fine, one of them is) but rather more about retail and the Bitcoin community in general.



Price: Free

Major Bitcoin payment website BitPay is aiming to bring “one-touch” Bitcoin payments to mobile devices, and achieved that through its Bitcoin Checkout app. This app has even allowed Bitcoin users to send BTC donations to the Red Cross in Nepal.

Visit Bitpay

Download bitpay on google play store
download bitpay on apple app store



Price: Free

The ultimate mobile Bitcoin marketplace. Send and receive messages to individuals or within groups, put up items for sale and purchase items all from your mobile device or desktop computer. Beyond just a payment app, Gliph aims to revolutionize the mobile cryptocurrency marketplace.


gilph bitcoin marketplace app


Visit Gliph

Download bitcoin apps on google play store
download bitpay on the app store



Price: Free

Spare allows bitcoin holders to turn their bitcoin into cash quickly and conveniently. To do so, they go around the ATM system. Users request cash and they get a barcode that they can take to a local shop close to where they are. The shop keeper scans the code and gives the Spare user cash in exchange. Spare also works with traditional currency, eliminating the need for an ATM altogether. Get $5 now with promo code : BITCOINCHASER.

fold bitcoin payment app

Read full review.

Visit Spare

download bitpay on the app store



Another app that we checked out recently, and one that is bringing major retailers to Bitcoin. Fold allows users to pay at such stores as Target, Starbucks and Whole Foods using their Bitcoins, right from their mobile device. Overall, the app is still in the process of adding retailers, but once it does, this will be the next big thing in mobile payments.

fold bitcoin payment app

Coming Soon

Visit Fold


Finally we have the place to keep and access your Bitcoins from your mobile device. These are some of the best Bitcoin wallet apps out there today.



Price: Free

This is the Bitcoin wallet from the company with the most digital Bitcoin wallets and a great track record of security. You can send and receive Bitcoins, view transactions, access 22 different currencies – it’s all open source and incredibly easy to use. The app can even scan paper wallets and browse for Bitcoin merchants nearby.

transfer bitcoin app


Visit Blockchain

Download blockchain bitcoin wallet on google play store
download blockchain bitcoin wallet on the app store



Price: Free

The SpectorCoin mobile bitcoin wallet allows you to easy trade, send and receive Bitcoin on the go. You can also trade Bitcoin from the wallet to Dash (DASH) and Ethereum (ETH), with more crypto coins to be added soon, making this app great for anyone who is interested in or already owns these cryptocurrencies. 99% of SpectorCoin digital currency is stored in protected offline storage and the wallets are secured with solid authentication methods.

spectorcoin wallet


Visit SpectorCoin

Download blockchain bitcoin wallet on google play store
download blockchain bitcoin wallet on the app store



Price: Free

This app allows you to send and receive Bitcoins in just two clicks. There are absolutely zero fees to use the app, and you can store and access your Bitcoins very easily. Xapo also is the “only fully insured Bitcoin storage solution.”

bitcoin transfer app


Visit Xapo

Download xapo app on google play store
download xapo on the app store



Price: Free

The Bitcoin exchange app from the company that just secure more than $50 million in funding from companies like Goldman Sachs. Circle allows you to store, access, send, receive, and convert your Bitcoins from your mobile device. You can even create your own QR codes.


bitcoin app to send bitcoin


Visit Cirlce

Download app on google play
download bitpay on the app store


We had to finish with something fun, and what could be more exciting than a mobile game that actually helps you earn Bitcoins?


Bitcoin Billionaire

Price: Free

“Tapping” mobile game based around mining, this particular app is all about making it big with Bitcoins. Tap the screen to earn more coins, upgrade your mining office and become a Bitcoin Billionaire! You know it’s good when a listed feature is to “unlock achievements by being awesome.”


Download bitcoin billionaire game on the google play store
download bitcoin billionaire on itunes



Price: Free

Created by BitLanders and based on popular game Flappy Bird, in Flap Pig you will help Foo the golden pig fly around and collect Bitcoins. Prevent Foo from flying into objects, collect the coins and you will be rewarded, earn real Bitcoins!


Download flap pig on the google play


Bitcoin Fighter

Price: Free

Currently still in Beta, this fighting mobile game pits two fighters against one another for a prize of wagered Bitcoins. You can play via the mobile app, or wager Bitcoins on the various fighters in the tournament from the app’s website. A great feature is that this game is provably fair.


Download bitcoin fighter on google play

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