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We all know Bitstarz holds epic tournaments for its players on a regular basis, but this one is unlike any other we have ever seen! Bitstarz launched its new Slot Battles tournament, with a prize pool of 144,000 Free Spins!

Yes, you read it right, that six figure Free Spin prize pool is completely unprecedented! We have never seen such a massive tournament ever, and we have seen a thing or two in the industry. Nevertheless, the best part of the tournament is the speed with which it credit its winners with their Free Spins and the ease with which players can participate.


Slot Battles Tournament is Easy to Play!

With a new battle taking place every 30 minutes, and that 100 Free Spin prize pool per battle, all you have to do to start competing is to join a battle! Here are the details on how to do that:

  • Head right over to the main battle page and select the battle you want to participate in.
  • Slot Battles are divided by the type of slot games you like the most, so you can duke it out with other players who share your interest in a given game.
  • Once you know which battle you want in on, you wait for the battle to begin to start spinning on the slot of your choice within the list.
  • Slot Battles is a little different than other Bitstarz tournaments. The amount of points you will get depends on the wins to bets ratio. Your points are calculated dividing the wins by the bets.
  • If you accumulated the most points within the 30-minute timeframe of the Slot Battle, you will automatically get 50 Free Spins. Second place will get 25 Free Spins and third place will get 10.

Spin Fast, Bet Strategically and Win Big!

Now that you know the basic features of Slot Battles, you can understand the strategy you need to develop to get those Free Spins. It is a simple strategy: You must spin fast, bet strategically and win big! That wasn’t so hard, was it? This is exactly how Bitstarz is innovating and putting better tournaments out there for its players! This latest one, Slot Battles, is the pinnacle of that innovation, and probably the most fun tournament we have ever seen. So, take Slot Battles by Bistarz in, and start winning with those whopping 144,000 Free Spins in the prize pool!

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