Best Crypto Bingo Sites of 2023

What is one of the most popular gambling games played worldwide? Bingo, you’ve got it.  The world of bingo has always been fun and exciting but it got a whole lot more interesting with the implementation of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency has the added benefit of faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions.

In this guide we will be breaking down the different types of bingo, some bingo strategies, and a bunch of unique terminology. Get ready to shout BINGO like never before because these crypto casinos are sure to bring a whole new level of excitement to your bingo experience.

Bingo casinos
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Lucky Ones Casino

Join Lucky Ones Casino for a regal experience with VIP perks, stellar mobile play, and crypto-friendly transactions.


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LuckyDreams Casino

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Horus Casino

Prioritizing security, Horus Casino utilizes VeriSign SSL encryption for data protection.


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Rivalo promotional bonuses are available, Rivalo Casino caters to diverse gaming preferences in a competitive online gambling market.


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LuckyDays Casino

LuckyDays is an online crypto casino with over 4,000 slot games, low wagering requirements, and diverse payment methods including Bitcoin.


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How we pick the best bingo casinos

Recommending great casinos is our highest priority. We take pride in providing top-tier and trustworthy platforms to ensure an enjoyable and secure gambling experience.

This is what we look for when vetting crypto bingo casinos.

  • User-friendly interface

    We select bingo casinos that are easy to use, clear to navigate and perform actions on your account.

  • casino game icon

    Game selection

    We only put forward casinos that offer an excellent range of bingo games.

  • customer support icon

    Customer support

    Being able to get help when needed is vital, so we recommend bingo gambling sites that are supported by professional customer support

  • payment icon


    We seek out sites that accept a wide variety of crypto and other payment options, so you can play bingo with Bitcoin, Litecoin, or whatever you want.

  • star rating icon


    We review platforms' reputations online, discover critial reports, and weight these against our own experiences.

  • bonuses icon

    Bonuses and promotions

    To get more for your crypto, we look for bingo gambling sites featuring unique bonuses and promotions.

We consider other factors, but overall we want to ensure the bingo casinos we recommend are trustworthy and secure. We outline our overall experiences and thoughts in our casino reviews, so be sure to check those out if you want our most comprehensive opinions.

How to play bingo at a crypto casino

There are a good choice of bingo casinos out there. If you are ready to start playing you can follow these steps to get started.

  1. Find an online casino that has a selection of bingo games and ticks all the boxes you are looking for in an online casino
  2. Register and create an account at the casino. You maybe be asked to confirm your account via email. Some casinos are also anonymous, which makes this step very quick and easy.create an account at a bingo casino
  3. Make a deposit at your chosen bingo casino. For this you will need a crypto wallet with your cryptocurrency of choice. Send the amount you want to play with to the despot address at the online casino. At this point you can claim any bonuses you want as well.

    If you are not sure what wallet you need, try our guide to the best cryptocurrency wallets for online gambling.deposit crypto at a bingo casino

  4. Select your favorite bingo game, read the game instructions if anything is unclear, and start a bingo game
  5. For the lucky winners, you can cashout winnings back to your cryptocurrency wallet. You will have the funds back in your wallet in no time.cashout winnings from a bingo casino

Types of bingo at crypto casinos

As such a popular game, there have been so many variations of this classic game. But with these variants come different rules, game mechanisms, and more. It’s important to know your bingo games so you have the best chance of claiming a win. Here are some of the most popular types of bingo you can play at crypto casinos:

  • 90-Ball Bingo: This is the most common game of bingo played. The ticket layout features three rows and 9 columns, boasting 15 numbers in total. Players are competing to win three categories, seen as one line, two lines, and a “full house”. 
  • 75-Ball Bingo: Another popular variant of classic bingo but features a ticket layout of five rows and five columns which boast twenty-four numbers, with the center tile market as free. Numbers are arranged randomly between one and seventy-five. 
  • 80-Ball Bingo: This version of bingo is relatively new but it’s gaining popularity. The ticket layout features four rows and four columns, which contain a total of sixteen numbers. Players can win by either creating a pattern or completing a “full house”. 
  • 30-Ball Bingo: This variant of bingo is often referred to as “speed bingo” due to its simpler layout and fast-paced design. This version features three rows and three columns with a total of nine numbers. This version of the game requires a player to collect all nine of their numbers before they can shout our BINGO and take the win. 

Most popular cryptocurrencies at bingo casinos

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have collectively provided the world with more accessible gambling. Faster, cheaper, and more secure transactions mean more stress-free gambling for all.  But there are so many cryptocurrencies out there, which is the best to play with? These are the most popular cryptocurrencies that can be used at bingo crypto casinos:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • USD Coin (USDC)

As the oldest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has had far more time to reach mainstream coverage, allowing platforms to see its benefits and leading to it being adopted on a larger scale. Then we get to LTC, whereby leading casino has confirmed Litecoin was their most popular cryptocurrency for transactions, after all, it is the silver to Bitcoins gold. Cryptocurrencies such as USDT and USDC have gained significant attention within the gambling industry because of their stable nature. At the end of the day, all cryptocurrencies have advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to DYOR (do your own research) and pick the one that works best for you.

Bingo strategies

While strategies provide an additional layer of fun and excitement, it is important to remember that bingo is a game of chance and that strategies do not guarantee a win. Be cautious when using these strategies, and do not bet money you are not willing to lose. With all that being said, let’s look at the most popular bingo betting strategies for you to try:

  • Purchase multiple tickets: Purchasing multiple tickets will increase your chances of winning, especially on smaller layout tickets. Be sure to track all the numbers called so you do not miss any potential patterns. 
  • Choose tickets with different numbers: When purchasing multiple tickets, try to aim for tickets that feature numbers you do not already have so you can cover more ground and increase the chances of having every called number. 
  • Do not play at peak times: As a rule of thumb, the more players, the less chance you have of an overall win. Playing off of peak times or in a smaller lobby will increase your chances of winning due to less competition. 
  • Pay attention to the patterns: Some variants of bingo work on pattern payouts, such as diagonals or verticals. Keep in mind the patterns required to claim a win. Some players prefer these games as there are multiple opportunities to win outside of just the “full house”. 

Bingo terminology 

Gambling comes with a language of its own, and bingo has its dialect on top of that. If you truly want to master the game, it’s vital to know the terms that come with it. Enhance your gambling experience with these bingo terms: 

  • Caller: This refers to the person who announces the numbers that are drawn during a bingo game. 
  • Card: This refers to the ticket players use to mark off their called numbers. 
  • Dauber: This describes the marker that is used to identify numbers the player has collected on their bingo card so far. 
  • Flashboard: This is a board that displays all the called numbers during the game so players do not miss out or lose track. 
  • Free Space: This refers to the empty squares on a card that players can use freely to complete a pattern. Usually a center square but depends on the game variant. 
  • Full House/ Blackout: This refers to when a player has marked off all of the numbers on their card. 
  • Jackpot: This is usually the prize awarded to a player for achieving a full house but can vary from game to game.
  • Pattern: This refers to the specific pattern or shape a player must complete on their bingo card. 
  • Quickie: This is used to describe a faster-paced and smaller ticket layout game where numbers are called quickly. 
  • Wild Number: This refers to a specific number that is chosen before a bingo game begins, this number will act as a free space for any pattern. 
  • Four Corners: This refers to a pattern where players mark off the four corners of their bingo card.

Bingo fun facts 

Now let’s wrap up this informative bingo guide with a bit of fun. As such a popular game you can bet there are some fun facts about bingo you have never heard of, so here are a few:

  • Bingo is believed to have originated in Italy and dates back to around 1530. The game was originally called “Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia”. 
  • The very first online version of bingo was released in America in 1996 by a company called Bingo Zone. 
  • America celebrates national bingo day on June 27th. 
  • The largest bingo game ever was played by over 70,000 participants in Bogota, Colombia. The record was set in 2012. 
  • Bingo has been played in space. Yes, you heard us right, Russian astronaut Yuri Malenchenko played a game of bingo with mission control on Earth in 2003. 
  • Bingo in Japan, and some other countries, is played using images or symbols instead of traditional numbers. 
  • Studies have found that playing bingo can significantly improve the cognitive function of older people, which is probably why it is so popular in retirement homes.