Earn Bitcoin Tips for Helping Others at Bitfortip

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Feb 29, 2016 and updated Mar 3rd, 2022
Earn Bitcoin Tips for Helping Others at Bitfortip

Bitfortip is an interesting website that caters to the nimble bitcoin enthusiast. If you are good at finding the best online deals or if you are looking for something specific and know that someone out there can get a better price than you, just sign up and get rewarded. The system is pretty simple and it is based on a community of users. All the information is clearly displayed in a simple feed on the screen.

Getting Started at Bitfortip

Set up an account by signing up with an email and a password. Once the account is confirmed, a unique bitcoin address to fund your account will appear on the upper right hand corner. Use it to fund your account and enable all the options on the site. Once your account has funds, you will be a full member of the community, and you will able to write questions for other members and answer their questions.

Looking to Buy

If you are looking for the best deals out there, whether they are bitcoin or fiat, the only thing you need to do is write and publish your question. Set up the tip amount for the person who answers first. You must also set the conditions for the tip to be awarded.

Then once you get the result you desired, you will pay the other Bitfortip community member for the tip and proceed to buy or acquire what you were looking for. The platform allows users to upload images to their requests in order to provide better guidance for the member of the community that are searching the internet for the deal.

Looking to Help and get Paid

To help another member of the Bitfortip community and get the reward, just open the question on the feed and answer the question. If you provided the best answer, you will get a small bitcoin tip. This small reward will encourage you to keep on providing answers for other members of the community.

Pooling Knowledge and Search Power Together

There are a number of ways you can earn Bitcoin out there but Bitfortip is unique. The idea behind Bitfortip is to get rid of the asymmetry of information in the market by paying significantly smaller amounts of money than it would cost to do so otherwise. When a large enough community is pooling its searching power together, you will be more likely to get to the best price available online. That means that other vendors charging more for the same product will not benefit from information that they have but the buyer might not, since other members of the community are actively working to find a better deal to earn the small tip.

The use of bitcoin makes this system especially easy to use, since it enables small transactions from one place to another for free. A bitcoin based service also guarantees that community members will be computer savvy, which increases your chances of finding better deals online. All these features make Bitfortip a great community that offers a lot of advantages to its members. Sign up and try it out!