Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could design your own bonuses? Will you give yourself a huge match, or perhaps hundreds of Free Spins? Now you do not have to wonder anymore because Oshi Casino is making your dream a reality. Oshi launched the Build Your Bonus feature on January 31st, 2017. With it, players will be able to design the bonus that fits their style of play the best, and Oshi will give it to them straight up!

Oshi Bonus Customization

To design your own bonus, the only thing you need to do is go to Oshi Casino and start playing with the dial. Both new players and those who have played at Oshi before, will get their chance to build that masterpiece of a bonus. Here are some basic instructions so that you know exactly how the Build Your Bonus feature works at Oshi Casino:

  • There is a bonus dial on the screen.
  • One side of the dial represents the match percentage and the other represents Free Spins.
  • The maximum match bonus new players can get is 150%.
  • When the dial is at 150% match bonus, the Free Spins side of the dial will be at 0.
  • The greatest number of Free Spins new players can get with this bonus is 500.
  • If the dial is all the way down to the Free Spin side, at 500, then the match bonus will be at 0%.
  • Players looking for a reload bonus, will be able to get a maximum of 40% when the Free Spin side of the dial is at 0.
  • If the match bonus side of the dial is at 0%, then players looking for a reload will be able to get a maximum of 80 Free Spins.
  • Minimum deposits for these bonuses vary between €10 and €48, or 0.02 BTC and 0.096 BTC.
  • You can also switch the currency to get an equivalence for the minimum deposit in USD, RUB, AUD, SEK or CAD.

Oshi bonus

Using the Build Your Bonus feature

After players find the right balance between the match bonus and the Free Spins on the Build Your Bonus feature, they will be able to start playing and winning. They will be able to use this bonus every 48 hours. So now that you know how it works, just go ahead and try it, you will be able to have the freedom to choose the bonus that fits you the most. Build Your Bonus will make you an instant winner, giving you exactly what you were always looking for, thanks to Oshi Casino!

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