Reddit Releases Free Super Bowl NFTs

To celebrate the Super Bowl LVII, Reddit has decided to launch another free NFT series.

By Julia Cook
Published Feb 13th, 2023
Reddit Releases Free Super Bowl NFTs

Great news for Reddit NFT enthusiasts: another round of freebies is currently going on! In commemoration of the Super Bowl LVII, Reddit launched its fourth limited-edition, free NFT series.

Reddit quietly released their latest free avatar series on February 6 in r/collectibleavatars. However, it was publicly announced at the Superbowl itself through an advertisement that featured a scannable QR code. Unlike other versions of the free avatar that would appear in the store, these are the only ways to discover them.

So, what can you get?

There are four avatars to choose from, two general NFTS, and one for The Chiefs and one for The Eagles. As with previous sets, you can only mint one, so be careful before you click!

How do I claim my NFT?

The NFT can currently only be claimed by clicking through this link. Then, click ‘Choose Your Team’

You can toggle between options by using the arrow buttons on either side of the screen. The one in the center is the one that you will get. When you have selected your choice, click ‘Claim Yours’

WARNING: You cannot undo your mint! Once you have clicked ‘Claim Yours,’ you will be stuck with your choice, so choose wisely.

You can then set your new avatar by choosing ‘Style Avatar.’ If you would like to do this later, click ‘Done.’

Note: Even if you click ‘Style Avatar,’ your avatar may not immediately show in your collection. You might need to exit Reddit and then re-enter the style section.

How do I set my new NFT avatar skin?

To set part or all of your new skin, you should go to the ‘Style Avatar’ tab that can be found in the drop-down menu under your profile.

Under ‘You,’ you will see the NFTs that you own. Choose your new avatar. This will take you to its’ attribute page.

You can then pick one or all parts of your new NFT set to apply to your avatar. These can be mixed and matched with your other NFT sets, or with the freebie or premium skins that are available in the store. Once you’re happy with the way it looks, press save.



Although these NFTs are free, Reddit has built into the NFTs’ protocol that they will make a 5% profit off of each resale on a secondary market, such as if you want to sell your NFT on OpenSea. This will be automatically deducted from the sale amount.