Win In An Instant With Lotto At 1xBit Casino

Bitcoin Chaser - March 2, 2021

Win In An Instant With Lotto At 1xBit Casino

There’s nothing more satisfying than instant gratification, which is why the lotto feature at 1xBit casino is so satisfying. This feature allows players to choose their (hopefully) lucky numbers, and play to win. 

How It Works

1xBit casino offers a game called Lucky Six. They draw 35 balls out of 48, and you’ll need to guess 6 numbers out of the 35 in order to win. The amount you win varies according to when the balls are drawn, according to the minimum win. 

The balls are drawn every 7 minutes, and you can watch on a live stream (of a rather charming presenter) as the numbers are called. Effectively, 1xBit is combining live casino with lottery – making for a truly exciting and lucrative gambling experience. 

Lotto And More At 1xBit Casino 

1xBit casino offers so much to players. It’s a crypto casino, allowing for streamlined and exceptional gameplay in a secure environment. It offers thousands of epic casino games, with the lotto really only being the tip of the iceberg. 

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