Indonesia Blockchain Technology ConferenceSouth East Asia is one of the most exciting hotspots for bitcoin and blockchain projects right now. The Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference in Jakarta will highlight how bitcoin and blockchain are advancing in this country, becoming a new potential source of economic growth in Indonesia. This is due to the potential that bitcoin, blockchain and FinTech have to help the unbanked in Indonesia. Additionally, these technologies have other potential use cases that will give the Indonesian economy an additional dimension to grow along.

Indonesia Ripe for greater Role in Bitcoin, Blockchain and FinTech

With one of the biggest 20 economies on earth, Indonesia is ripe for a greater role in the world stage in general, and in the bitcoin, blockchain and FinTech sector in particular. This is why the Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference in Jakarta drew some of the biggest names in the world of bitcoin and blockchain. The conference will enjoy insights from speakers such as:

  • Marco Streng – CEO and co-founder of Genesis Mining.
  • Matthew Rozak – Co-founder and Chairman of Bloq.
  • Oscar Darmawan – CEO and Co-founder of PT Bit Coin Indonesia.
  • Romeo Ganit – Marketing Director at DinarDirham.
  • Simon Dixon – CEO and Co-founder of
  • Thomas France – Co-founder of Ledger.

Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference Local and International Potential

This list of speakers and the subjects that the Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference in Jakarta will focus on, shows how Indonesia is claiming its place in the bitcoin and blockchain sector. The conference will showcase a mixture of local and international experts, and it will be an excellent opportunity for attendants to understand the business opportunities arising in this sector in the Indonesian economy. People who are interested in attending the Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference will benefit from understanding how the Indonesian economy is advancing towards bitcoin adoption and blockchain development both at a local and international level.

It will also be an excellent opportunity to find the business links necessary at a local and international level to take advantage of Indonesia’s rise in this sector. The Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference will show participants how bitcoin and blockchain can unlock the full potential of the Indonesian economy; participants will be able to be among the first movers and take advantage of this tectonic shift. Increased access to the economy from the unbanked at a local level, coupled with a growing Indonesian blockchain development ecosystem and international partnerships are the reason why the Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Conference is so important. It is also the reason why you should attend.

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