Faster Crypto Payments On Thunderpick Casino

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Aug 18, 2021 and updated Jan 17th, 2022
Faster Crypto Payments On Thunderpick Casino

Thunderpick is an industry-leading esports and sports casino, offering players security and speed through cryptocurrency payment methods. They are licensed under the laws of Curacao, providing an even higher level of security to users. 

They also offer an extensive list of casino games for players to enjoy, with some proprietary games available. You can play crash, live casino games, slots, poker, roulette, craps, and more. Thunderpick emphasizes their game offerings in their esports and sports department too, allowing you to choose from games such as football, baseball, tennis, Dota 2, CSGO, Valorant, Rocket League, golf, ice hockey, and so much more.

You can also claim daily rewards and join their VIP program, offering even more rewards. Signing up is fast and simple. Allround, Thunderpick casino is a top contender to most, and they are raising the stakes by offering faster crypto payments for players.  

esports at Thunderpick casino
esports betting at Thunderpick casino

Everything Is Faster With Thunderpick

Aside from all the benefits already associated with Thunderpick, they are choosing to improve even more for their players. Cryptocurrency payments are known for their fast, transparent, and incorruptible transactions, but with the recent rise in usage, that’s not always the case. Crypto payment processing depends heavily on the speed of the network, as do the fees. 

But Thunderpick doesn’t want users to suffer just because cryptocurrency is becoming more popular, so they found a way to bypass any issues that may occur. By doing so, they have found a way to decrease fees and increase speeds. 

They have finally completed their new payment system which is said to provide players with faster deposits and withdrawals, among many more perks. Thunderpick goes one step further and is offering to cover blockchain transaction fees, meaning your withdrawals will be completely free!

They are also raising the withdrawal limits from €750 to a whopping €5,000. Their next step is to add more cryptocurrencies options for you to deposit and withdraw with, such as DOGE and TRON. With so many incredible adjustments already being made, they still have more up their sleeve. 

For now, appreciate what they have added, and enjoy the faster and cheaper crypto transactions. It is important to note that there are new deposit addresses, so if you have played with Thunderpick before and deposited directly from your address, be sure to update your information. 

Get Better Betting On Thunderpick Casino

We have barely breached the surface of what Thunderpick has to offer, and these new benefits are just an added bonus to an already great casino. With high customer satisfaction ratings and plenty of casino games, esports, and sports to bet on, Thunderpick has and continues to make a name for itself. A referral program, monthly gift cards, daily giveaways, bonuses galore, and more. This casino prides itself on providing players with the best betting experience, as also seen by their dedication to improving crypto payments. It’s unknown what more Thunderpick is planning to do, but we can’t wait to see what this casino has in store. Get access to this casino, its games, and faster payments by following the lower link:

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