How to Make NFTs For Free

NFTs are not limited to NFT crypto art anymore, so what better time to learn how to make NFTs?

By Bitcoin Chaser
Published Dec 16, 2021 and Updated Sep 14th, 2022
How to Make NFTs For Free

NFTs are no new technology, with Blockchain and cryptocurrencies having been around for years, although the craze around them is still fresh. There is some debate about when the first authentic NFT came out, some people say 2017, some say 2015, while others say 2014. Depending on your definition of NFTs, the first origin can be traced back to around 2014. Since then, NFTs have blossomed and are continuing to flourish in the cryptocurrency world. We have even recently seen an NFT by Beeple called “Everydays – The First 5000 Days” that was sold for roughly $69 Million. Plenty of other NFTs have sold for values in the millions, it’s no longer an anomaly. With the rising interest in NFTs, and a great deal of value placed on them, you may be wondering what NFTs are and how are they created, and whether or not you can sell your own NFT crypto art. We are here to break down how are NFTs created.

How And Where Can I Create NFTs?

This question is very broad and greatly depends on what type of NFT you are creating. NFTs are not limited to NFT crypto art anymore, there are now NFT songs, NFT series, NFT video games, and so much more. The basis of NFTs explains them as digital assets, and within that description gives us a broader understanding of how they work. It’s as simple as creating your NFT and transferring it into a file format. You could use photoshop, premier pro, or any other software that helps you create your form of art. Once you have completed the product, you simply have to convert it into a file and upload it onto your blockchain of choice. To break down how are NFTs created:

  • Create your item 
  • Choose your blockchain
  • Create a digital wallet
  • Choose your NFT marketplace
  • Upload your item file
  • Create a sale listing 
  • Wait for the sales to come in 

It’s really not a complex process at all, although it can seem daunting at first. You could even use Microsoft Paint to create NFTs, it worked for The Big Lez Show, so why couldn’t it work for NFT crypto art? Whatever medium of art and software you are comfortable with can be utilized to create an NFT. It’s that easy. Some programs even allow you to create NFTs for free.

how to sell nfts

Selling Your NFTs

The tricky part is not “where can I create NFTs?” but rather how you sell your NFTs. Choosing the right Blockchain and marketplace for your NFTs is where the complexity comes in. Whether you are concerned about if your type of NFT crypto art is more popular on whichever platform, or whether you are concerned about the additional gas fees. In the past, Ethereum was the prominent Blockchain for people to create and list their NFTs but gas fees and congestion have proven to be an issue as popularity arises. Just for additional information, we would recommend you check out these marketplaces to find the one that fits your needs the best. Some are in cooperation with Blockchains, while others act as a launchpad to connect you to relevant Blockchains. After you create NFTs for free, be sure to check out these popular marketplaces: OpenSea, Solanart, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace, Binance NFT Marketplace, Mintable, and Avalanche. 

The Final Step Of How To Create NFTs For Free

We have now covered “how are NFTs created?” and “where can I create NFTs?”, now that you know the where and how, you should be able to create an NFT with no issue. You even know some potential platforms to sell them on. Once you have chosen your Blockchain and listed your NFT, you will need to start bringing in sales. The premise of NFTs is that they are unique, as seen by CryptoPunks selling 10,000 NFTs but each boasting different features. You will need to market your newly launched NFT collection. You can either wait for organic traffic to come in and hope for a boost, or you can start advertising. Advertising can also be free, you could reach out to publication sites or even popular Instagram accounts and ask to be featured on their pages. Some will do it for free, some may charge a fee, but there are other alternatives out there. You could also share your NFT crypto art on relevant NFT groups through Facebook or Reddit. Whatever way you decide to do it, you want as many people as possible to see and hopefully buy your art.

You now know everything you need to about creating, listing, and selling your NFTs. We hope this article informed and motivated you about the process of creating NFTs. Be sure to check back into Bitcoin Chaser for everything Bitcoin, Crypto, and NFT related. Good Luck!