Seals with Clubs Poker Review

February 20, 2015

Effective immediately, SealsWithClubs will cease providing Bitcoin poker and will be shutting down all operations except to allow player funds to be withdrawn for a limited period of time. SealsWithClubs is, and has been, completely solvent up to this point in operations.


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SealsWithClubs is the world’s largest Bitcoin poker room. Launched in late 2011, the site has become very popular this year with American players who can access and play real money poker at Seals. US players can register, play and withdraw without submitting any documents or declaring any winning. Withdrawals also reflect instantly, so there is no waiting winnings to appear in your bank account.

They offer low rake of only 2.5%, a loyalty program with rakeback, lots of tournaments and the software supports multi-table play.


Seal with Clubs Quick Facts

Year Established: 2011
USA Players Accepted: Yes
Currencies Accepted: Bitcoin



Poker Table


Game Types

Seals With Clubs offer Texas Hold’em no limit, limit and pot limit tables for cash game players. Games are played in “Seal chps” which are each worth 1/1000th of a Bitcoin. They do not accept any currency except Bitcoins. There are also freerolls, guaranteed rpize pool tournaments and turbo games throughout the day.


Lobby at Seals with Clubs

Lobby at Seals with Clubs

Rake and Rakeback

The rake is extremely low at only 2.5% rake per table. Maximum rake collected for No Limit games is 10 chips and only 7 chips max for Limit games.

They have a “No Flop No Drop” policy, meaning that no rake is collected if there is no flop.

The loyalty program is based on Krill which is a percentage of the rake for each raked hand you’re dealt. Rakeback percentage ranges from 2% to 50% at the highest level (level 14) but your rakeback level is never downgraded so you can only increase over time. Each level upgrade also gives you access to new private tournaments.

There is also a 50% “Table Starter” rakeback for starting new ring games which is paid into your account weekly.


Poker Software

The poker client is Poker Mavens by Briggs software and is available in download, browser and android versions. The software is a bit dated and is not as flashy as some of the big rooms like Stars or Ipoker but the features are all there. Multi-tabling is supported and there was an upgrade released last week that includes resizing on all platforms.

Seals Wit Clubs take the software very seriously and are working hard to implement features and upgrade the table as they go. Security is world-class and no flaws have been found.


Freerolls and Tournaments

Seals are big believers in tournaments and have a great selection of tournament play for all players. There are also many private tournaments available after your register, but the fixed tournaments include:

  • 50 chip freeroll every hour
  • 500 chip guaranteed every hour (buyin is 47+3)
  • 500 chip freeroll every 50 hours (loyalty level 1)
  • 1,000 chip freeroll every 100 hours (loyalty level 2)
  • 2,000 chip freeroll every 140 hours (loyalty level 3)
  • 10,000 chip freeroll every 530 hours (loyalty level 7)



Even though the room is big by Bitcoin standards, it doesn’t compare in liquidity to PokerStars or Party. The room is growing each day and there are always enough tables open to allow for a choice of game or stake. At the time of writing SealsWithclubs is already overtaking some of the existing traditional poker sites in size.


Seals with Clubs Homepage

Seals with Clubs Homepage

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