Bitcoin Birthday Cake

A Bitcoin birthday cake created with love, but did it have real Bitcoins inside?

By Marc Kenigsberg
Published Jan 23, 2014 and updated Jan 11th, 2022
Bitcoin Birthday Cake

Yesterday was my birthday and my wife baked me a Bitcoin cake! Check it out.

Over the last couple months I’ve gotten involved in the world of Bitcoin. I’ve really been bitten by the bug and I think people around me are getting sick of hearing me talk about 🙂

My wife must have heard hours of cryptocurrency theories and technical details about Bitcoins and how they work. As much as I try to not go overboard, I do have a tendency to get carried away. So yesterday when I got home my wife presented me with a Bitcoin cake that she baked for me!

Firstly a big THANKS and shout out to my wife for doing this 🙂 Not to complain but I was slightly disappointed when there weren’t actually any coins inside though 🙁

bitcoin birthday attack
The home made Bitcoin cake waiting for me last night
bitcoin birthday cake
My Bitcoin birthday cake without any Bitcoins inside unfortunately

Secondly this cake was way too cool to not share with all of you. So please comment below and help me show my wife the appreciation for the effort. I would also love some shares of this post 😉

Have any of your own Bitcoin themed items? What’s the coolest Bitcoin adaptation you’ve seen?