What is Momentum? – ICO Analysis

Momentum is a loyalty protocol which allows the creation of loyalty tokens for individual brands through the Ethereum network, using ERC-20 protocols.

Interview with Vertex CEO Alessandro Pecorelli on their ICO Aftermarket

Vertex is launching an ICO aftermarket that will allow people to buy into the ICOs that have the best chance of succeeding. We caught up with Vertex CEO Alessandro Pecorelli to ask him a few questions.

The Ultimate Guide ICO White Paper

White papers are often one of the first things that investors look for when they want to find out more about a new ICO. Here everything you should consider when reading or writing a whitepaper.

In Today’s Regulatory Environment, This is What ICO Investors Need to Look For

With the SEC breathing down their backs, do ICO investors and crypto traders must work harder than ever at researching investment opportunities?

Fusion: A Platform for Risk-Free Crypto Loans

Now, Fusion, a blockchain-based platform that connects blockchains, is offering a novel solution. Using smart contracts, it allows users to loan or borrow digital tokens across otherwise disconnected blockchains.

The Ad Industry Eyes Brave New Business Models as Agency Stocks Flatline

In a recent survey conducted via Search Engine Land, 68% of respondents said they would actually… read more

Coinzilla: The Crypto Advertising Network Opening a New Path to Quality Traffic

Recently, crypto related businesses have become increasingly popular, and it appears that many people are seeking… read more

Interview with Fabio Zoffi from ORS

ORS is a company that operates in the field of algorithms and AI. The company has… read more

Telegram has Become the Most Important Channel for Crypto Enthusiasts

Bitcoin Talk used to be the forum where cryptocurrency enthusiasts would meet, but recently Telegram groups have emerged as the sources of information.

Top 6 Biggest ICOs of All Time

While many ICOs failed to reach minimum investment targets, others have made over $100 million. These are the biggest ICOs of all time.

Everything You Need To Know About Airdrops

In the most basic terms, an ICO airdrop is when a company launching an initial coin offering or token sale offers up some of its tokens or coins to the cryptocurrency community for free or in return for the completion of small, simple tasks.

Interview with LeadCoin founder Shmulik Grizim

Bitcoin Chaser: A B2B coin such as LeadCoin is an interesting choice to solve the problem… read more

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