Gunbot Automated Trading Robot Review

What is Gunbot? GunBot is an automated trading robot developed by Gunter de Niro. It is… read more

Everything You Need To Know About KYC

New crypto-investors are often exposed to an array of legal and crypto-jargon that they have never… read more

Coinzilla: The Crypto Advertising Network Opening a New Path to Quality Traffic

Recently, crypto related businesses have become increasingly popular, and it appears that many people are seeking… read more

Top 6 Biggest ICOs of All Time

While many ICOs failed to reach minimum investment targets, others have made over $100 million. These are the biggest ICOs of all time.

Everything You Need To Know About Airdrops

In the most basic terms, an ICO airdrop is when a company launching an initial coin offering or token sale offers up some of its tokens or coins to the cryptocurrency community for free or in return for the completion of small, simple tasks.

Interview with LeadCoin founder Shmulik Grizim

Bitcoin Chaser: A B2B coin such as LeadCoin is an interesting choice to solve the problem… read more

Who is Jihan Wu?

Jihan Wu is probably one of the most controversial names that anyone can bring up in… read more

Who is Charlie Lee?

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin. He has a background in computer science, completing his… read more

What is Cardano?

ADA Cardano has been rising quickly through the markets, positioning itself among the biggest cryptocurrency projects… read more

Developing A Project After The ICO

Speculators have flooded the ICO markets, making it difficult for serious projects to succeed. ICOs are finding a way to contain the influence of these speculators in the markets.

Ripple Cryptocurrency Explained Simply

As much as Bitcoin was designed to eliminate the middlemen and make banks obsolete, another cryptocurrency,… read more

What is an ERC20 Token (And Why Are They Used for ICOs)?

An ERC20 token is a token based on a protocol that establishes a standard for the behavior of tokens on Ethereum, but can be adapted to other networks.

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