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Looking for places to buy with Bitcoin?

When it comes to Bitcoin, any reference to online shopping generally brings Silk Road to mind. Well, it’s time to forget all that because the world of Bitcoin shops grows every day. Some of the biggest retailers in the world are accepting Bitcoins, and aren’t afraid to talk about it. Considering such companies as Target, Starbucks, Overstock and Newegg are now accepting Bitcoin as a payment method, it’s time that you paid attention too.

We’ve compiled a list of stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. We went through the checkout process on all of these sites to ensure that they ACTUALLY accept Bitcoin payment, and found that a few of the sites that have claimed to start accepting Bitcoin, in fact do not (ahem ahem 1-800-Flowers.com).

Have a site to add? Send us a message.


Top 5 Sites that Accept Bitcoin

The following is a list of some top retailers currently accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment on their websites and you can see how broad the spectrum has become. So go ahead and put those Bitcoins to good use at the following sites:


  1. Newegg.com – Computer part and electronics retailernewegg

What it’s all about: Newegg is an excellent website for trying to find computers, parts and other electronic devices. While the site is certainly geared to more experienced tech buyers, there is still plenty of helpful information and products for everyone.

Why you should shop here: The discounts are amazing, and Black Friday at Newegg is really above and beyond other retailers.


  1. Cryptopet.com – Cryptocurrency pet storecryptopet

What it’s all about: Cryptopet is an incredibly extensive online pet store, offering any product you can imagine for any pet that you could possibly own.

Why you should shop here: Not only does Cryptopet accept Bitcoin, but it also accepts Dogecoin, Litecoin and Darkcoin – offering more cryptocurrencies than many top Bitcoin sites.


  1. Reeds Jewelers – Your family-owned jeweler now accepts Bitcoinreedjewelers

What it’s all about: Reeds is an online jewelry store with an incredible reputation and even more amazing products. The site includes the top diamonds available on the market, all with excellent quality.

Why you should shop here: A buyer looking to use Bitcoin at Reeds will find more than 10,000 items available for purchase. Reeds even offers Bitcoin payments in more than 65 brick and mortar stores around the United States.


  1. Expedia.com – Cheap vacations and travel packagesexpedia

What it’s all about: Expedia is an online travel price aggregator, offering incredibly low pricing on airfare, hotel rooms and car rentals and vacation packages.

Why you should shop here: The site offers prices at competitively low prices – it’s tough to beat the pricing you will find on Expedia.


  1. Overstock.com – Online and international shopping retaileroverstock

What it’s all about: If you’re looking to buy, well, anything, Overstock.com probably offers it. The site features an almost endless product list and very low prices.

Why you should shop here: Besides the low pricing, Overstock.com is also available in many international versions that offer pricing and shipping in various currencies to many countries around the world.



More Bitcoin Shopping

DellComputer giant Dell accepts online Bitcoin payments through Coinbase in the US, UK and Canada.Shop Dell
MicrosoftWindows users can purchase apps, games and videos for Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox with Bitcoin.Shop Microsoft
TigerDirectMajor online electronics retailer TigerDirect accepts Bitcoin payments in the US and Canada through BitPay.Shop Electronics
wikipediaWikipedia, the open-source online encyclopedia accepts Bitcoin donations through Coinbase.Donate
FiverrBuy Gigs on Fiverr starting from $5 with Bitcoins through Coinbase.Buy Gigs
TreehouseLearn coding languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, jQuery, iOS, Android, Ruby and more. Pay for their courses via Coinbase.Learn to Code
AirBalticThis Latvian airline was the first airline to accept Bitcoin payments for basic class tickets.Take a Trip
Takeaway.com""Buy your next takeout lunch with BitPay! This website has over 5,000 restaurants around Europe and accepts Bitcoins.Order Food
RentHopAdvertise your property in the US with Bitcoin! Plus, get a steep discount when paying with the cryptocurrency.Find a Rental


Other Ways to Pay with Bitcoin

While the above websites include direct Bitcoin payment options, there are also more indirect options for using your Bitcoins for online shopping. These next two companies are both Bitcoin retail agents – they accept your Bitcoins and allow you to make purchases at major retailers that would otherwise not accept the cryptocurrency.


  1. foldappFold App – Start spending Bitcoin in the real world

Fold is an incredible app on the horizon for iOS devices. You simply load Bitcoins onto the app and then use them at three of the world’s biggest retailers: Starbucks, Target and Whole Foods. You use the barcode within the app to make the payment and that’s all.

The world is becoming much more mobile-centric and an app with the ability to use Bitcoins at stores like Starbucks is a big deal.


  1. gyftGyft – Buy gift cards to over 200 retailers with Bitcoin

Over 200 retailers who do not directly accept Bitcoin as a payment method are now accessible to Bitcoin users through Gyft. The site gives users the ability to use Bitcoins to purchase gift cards at retailers such as Best Buy, Amazon, Gamestop, Burger King and the Home Depot. Gyft is a giant step towards many merchants opening their doors to direct Bitcoin transactions and is helping the cryptocurrency become more mainstream in the retail space.



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