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When we think about mining, we tend to picture heavy machinery on large swaths of land, plowing through trees and digging up huge holes in the ground to extract the commodities our economies need to create the products we consume. With the advent of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, this mental image changed radically. Mining became an operation involving powerful customized computers, with a nascent chip manufacturing industry dedicated to making those computers even more powerful. The economics of this new kind of mining are equally fascinating, and many recur to multiple tools to assess whether they can profit from this activity. Can you profit from it as well? What are the caveats? How does Bitcoin mining or cryptocurrency mining really work? We have the material you need to answer those questions, right here!

The Myth Of The Bitcoin Mining Death Spiral

The assumption or theoretical possibility of a Bitcoin mining death spiral has been discussed widely. So far, Bitcoin has gone through 2 major tests without caving into it, so is this spiral merely just a theoretical possibility that cannot materialize?

Is Gold Mining More Energy Intensive Than Bitcoin Mining?

There are many comparisons out there between gold and Bitcoin. Although the assets differ on almost every aspect, the energy efficiency of mining both is an interesting point of comparison. Which is more energy efficient?

Beyond Mining: How the Cryptocurrency Craze Has Affected E-Gamers

Graphic cards gained popularity in the cryptocurrency mining community due to their high processing capabilities, causing the price to skyrocket.

What is GPU Mining, and How Does it Differ from ASIC Mining?

We look at GPU and ASIC mining, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of each before looking at what cases would call for either’s use.

The Effects Of Centralized Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin helped spark the decentralized web 3.0 revolution. But is Bitcoin mining nowardays centralized in the hands of a few large companies?

Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable?

Figuring out whether Bitcoin mining is profitable venture involves several factors, all of which need to be taken into coinsideration- electricity, the price of Bitcoin, the hardware, and the level of difficulty.

Blockchain and The Environment

Bitcoin has been criticized as a polluter due to the way mining works. That criticism is not only fallacious, but now it turns out that blockchain technology, which exists thanks to Bitcoin, might actually help us increase environmental sustainability

What is the Correlation Between Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate and Price?

Does Bitcoin mining buck the trend when bear markets hit? Here is all you need to know about the correlation between Bitcoin mining hash rate and bitcoin price.

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