Blockchain For Dummies

The simplest way of explaining what a blockchain is, is to start by explaining what a block is. A block is basically like a small Excel spreadsheet in which transactions can be recorded.

Can Blockchain Be The Bridge Between Reality And Video Games?

Creating value in a videogame is probably one of the most enjoyable activities in this world. The problem is that the value cannot be transferred to the real world. Blockchain is changing this

The World Of NFTs And Crypto-Collectibles

With debates raging about the fungibility of Bitcoin and how that might be a weakness, entrepreneurs are capitalizing on non-fungible tokens to create crypto-collectibles

Blockchain And IoT: A New Niche For Businesses

blockchain coupled with IoT technology promises to catapult many industries and businesses that adopt the technology early enough, to new heights, but will businesses take advantage of this opportunity at all?

Blockchain Technology For eSports: The Next Boom?

The eSports industry grew from $493 million USD in 2016 to $655 million USD in 2017. It is attracking not only companies such as Microsfot, but also cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are developing blockchain-based technology for the industry.

Blockchain Ledgers 101: Everything You Need to Know

A ledger is a system of recording financial transactions to ensure that all credits, debits and assets are balanced and accounted for. But Blockchain has revolutionized what a ledger can do.

Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Forks

One of the key features of blockchain technolog is its decentralized nature: information cannot be changed without consensus or control over the blockchain. But what happens if an upgrade is required or any kind of alteration to the blockchain? This is where blockchain forks come in.

Blockchain and The Environment

Bitcoin has been criticized as a polluter due to the way mining works. That criticism is not only fallacious, but now it turns out that blockchain technology, which exists thanks to Bitcoin, might actually help us increase environmental sustainability

Using Blockchain Technology to Decentralize Decision Making for Organizations

Coordinating the entities within an organization or corporation sounds simple in theory, but is much more difficult in practice. Blockchain and DAOstack, acts as a toolkit for decentralized collaboration at scale, hold some answers to this problem.

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