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Mail Chimp LinkedIn And Twitter Ban Cryptocurrency Advertising

Just like a giant Ouroboros, the recent cryptocurrency and ICO ad ban from Mail Chimp, Twitter and LinkedIn will cause these web 2.0 giants to eat themselves up

Ripple Powered Mobile App MoneyTap Provides On-Demand Payments In Japan

No decentralization no problem for Ripple. Institutional players are eager to integrate Ripple’s watered-down blockchain payment solutions. The latest to do so is a Japanese banking consortium

Is E-coin The Biggest Pump And Dump Scheme Of 2018?

Cryptocurrency markets have suffered from their fair share of pump and dump schemes. E-coin could be the latest one and it can also end up being the biggest pump and dump scheme of 2018

Hong Kong Investment Group Acquires BTCC

Following a crackdown on cryptocurrency services in mainland China, a Hong Kong-based investment group acquired BTCC, on of the top 20 BTC:USD exchanges in the world

Brisbane Airport To Enable Cryptocurrency Payments

Cryptocurrency payments have reached their first airport terminal. According to a local media report Brisbane Airport (BNE)… read more

Tenuous Recovery Holds After Heavy Losses

A recovery, however teuous, is a welcome sight for the markets right now. Nevertheless, the reovery is weak and it could crumble, sending battered coins downwards once again.

Cryptocurrency Markets Fall Sharply On Exogenous Factors

Governments are trying to regulate Bitcoin and altcoins in South Korea, China and France. These regulatory moves create exogenous downward pressure in the price of these assets, but this shouldn’t last for long

Altcoins Slip While Markets Stay Above $700bn US Dollars

As Bitcoin prices continue underperforming and altcoins slip, there are a few cryptocurrencies that are still making gains in increasingly bearish markets, as cryptocurrency markets in general stay above $700 billion USD.

Buffet Warns About Bitcoin Dimon Regrets Previous Comments

We heard from Buffet and Dimon about Bitcoin before. Neither seems to be a fan, but now one is walking back from earlier comments while the other is showing humility

The Story Behind the Stellar Lumens Rally

Since the start of December 2017 Stellar Lumens – XLM – have seen their price increase… read more

Is 2018 The Year Of The Altcoin?

Bitcoin dominance is at record low levels. While BTC is largely sustaining its prices, it is… read more

Alleged Insider Trading At Coinbase

Insider trading accusations on Bitcoin Cash at Coinbase, might not be substantiated. Nevertheless, they are enough to highlight a problem in the industry that exchanges must address.

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