Cryptocurrency News

OpenBazaar Update Allows Users to Trade 1,500 Coins

OpenBazaar, a peer to peer trading network where no KYC processes are necessary, has released version 2.2.2 of its platform, which inlcudes new features and bug fixes.

Bitmain IPO In Sight After Years Of Solid Earnings

A Bitmain IPO is in the horizon. The cryptocurrency mining giant has announced its intentions to pursuit one, as it diversifies its sources of revenue and continues to rake billions in

Iranian Government Looking To Launch National Cryptocurrency

Venezuela tried the Petro and now Iran seems to be ready for its own national cryptocurrency. If the goal is to circumvent US sanctions, the project will fail miserably

Cryptocurrency Prices Rise Sustaining Gains

Bitcoin and altcoin prices are not supposed to be the main feature of the cryptocurrency revolution, but they are the main focus of so many people that whenever prices rise, there is always a flurry of explanations

Ethereum Network Congestion Affecting Transaction Fees

Scaling is one of the most pervasive challenges that any blockchain-based network faces. Over the last few days, Ethereum has been facing transaction congestion, which underscores the fact that there are no easy fixes when it comes to scaling

LTC Foundation and Token Pay Buy a Stake in WEG Bank AG

Cryptocurrency is supposed to be an alternative to banks, but it seems that many in the space are all about buying banks actually. The LTC Foundation and Token Pay have moved into that sector with their latest purchase

Facebook Adjusts Cryptocurrency Ad Policies

Cryptocurrencies: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. At least that is the conclusion that Facebook seems to have reached after a draconian ban earlier this year

Goldman Sachs Launches Stablecoin Tied To USD

Goldman Sachs is just the most recent bank trying to coopt the cryptocurrency revolution, launching a USD-based stablecoin for the sake of putting financial products on smart contracts

The Iranian Parliament Says Citizens Bought $2.5 Billion USD Worth Of Cryptocurrency

The Iranian government is between a rock and a hard place again with the renewal of US sanctions. Cryptocurrency acceptance could help, but it means giving up control over the economy

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