Cryptocurrency News

Gemini Trust Launches Cryptocurrency Pegged To The US Dollar

There is a sizeable sector of the market obsessed with stable coins and the Winklevoss are tapping into the obsession with their Gemini Dollar, but does the market really need this and will it work as intended?

OpenBazaar Update Allows Users to Trade 1,500 Coins

OpenBazaar, a peer to peer trading network where no KYC processes are necessary, has released version 2.2.2 of its platform, which inlcudes new features and bug fixes.

LTC Foundation and Token Pay Buy a Stake in WEG Bank AG

Cryptocurrency is supposed to be an alternative to banks, but it seems that many in the space are all about buying banks actually. The LTC Foundation and Token Pay have moved into that sector with their latest purchase

Iranians Buy $2.5 Billion USD of Cryptocurrency

The Iranian government is between a rock and a hard place again with the renewal of US sanctions. Cryptocurrency acceptance could help, but it means giving up control over the economy.

South Korean UPbit Exchange Raided For Fraud

A local matter can have a disproportionately big effect globally when it comes to Bitcoin. As South Korean authorities raided the biggest exchange in the country, BTC prices slid

FTC Opens Workshop On Cryptocurrency Scams

The FTC in the US is opening a workshop to teach people about cryptocurrency scams. Hopefully this doesn’t give them the license to “educate” the public about the perils of Bitcoin

Australia To Host 20 MW Solar-Powered Bitcoin Mining Operation

Bitcoin has been accused of being a currency that pollutes a lot, but now it seems that it is at the center of the transition from coal power to solar power in Western Australia

Coinbase Acquired Earn.Com Appointing Balaji Srinivasan As CTO

Mergers and acquisitions can play an increasingly important role within the cryptocurrency industry. Coinbase, a leading player in the industry, is already making its first moves

Coinbase Suspended WikiLeaks’ Bitcoin Account

Coinbase has its share of detractors in the space, and with its latest move to suspend Wikileaks’ account, the exchange might have added a few more enemies to its list

Kraken Announced Plans To Withdraw From The Japanese Market

Japan is porbably one of the most cryptocurrency friendly countries there are, but it seems its regulatory guidelines are too stringent. That is why Kraken is leaving that market

IMF Shows Different Prospects In Blog About Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a binary game: people either like it and use it or they don’t. This seems to have escaped the grasp of the IMF’s latest blog post on the subject, which is full of middle-of-the-way suggestions

Gazprombank To Test Pilot Cryptocurrency Program In Russia

Authorities and governments around the world seem to want to control every aspect about cryptocurrencies that they can. Now Russia’s largest state-owned bank is making a move in that direction

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