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ETH Reaches New ATH – Analysts Believe It Could Top $5000

Ether finally broke through its previous ATH, reaching $1,435.56 by 12:01 UTC. Now, Swedish cryptocurrency analyst… read more

“Broken Tooth” – Casino, Crypto and Triad Stalwart – Is Sanctioned By US Feds

Wan “Broken Tooth” Kuok-koi, a well-known casino junket operator, traid, and crypto enthusiast,  has been sanctioned… read more

CoinJanitor Buys Its First Deadcoin

In a space littered with thousands of deadcoins and failed projects, CoinJanitor has just made history by buying its first deadcoin, proceeding to integrate its users and assets. This is a significant moment in the short history of cryptocurrency

A Strange Idea Named Cryptokicks

It seems that the allure of cryptocurrency continues to capture the imagination of the public, so traditional corporations keep trying to see how to make their way into the space. Nike is just the latest example

Craig Wright, Binance And The Demise Of Bitcoin SV

As Binance and ShapeShift move to delist Bitcoin SV, we are reminded that personality cult was never supposed to be part of the cryptocurrency space. That is why Satoshi Nakamoto chose to remain anonymous, unless you believe Craig Wright is Satoshi

HitBTC Accused Of Fraudulent Behavior

Rumblings about yet more fraudulent behavior from one of the most widely known cryptocurrency exchanges, should not surpise anyone. Here is what you need to know

Tether Reserves In Question, But That Is Not New

Your ability to independently verify is at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry. In the name of price stability, markets decided to forgo that critical feature, and that is how Tether emerged

QuadrigaCX Users Cut From Funds After CEO Dies

The CEO of QuadrigaCX, Canada’s biggest exchange, has died leaving user’s funds lock behind an encrypted cold storage.

Censorship On Patreon Not Enough To Go Full Crypto

Censorship resistance is one of the core features of Bitcoin, but it doesn’t matter how much censorship crawls into the pockets of those who use fiat, they still hesitate to leave the fiat system

Fidelity Launches Fidelity Digital Asset Services For Institutional Investors

Although custodianship services go against the philosophy of cryptocurrency, they are quickly becoming the critical piece that will bring institutional investor into the world of crypto

Malta: The Blockchain Island?

It seems the whole “blockchain inside” concept is really catching on. The prime minister of Malta now declared that his country became a Blockchain Island, but what oes that really mean?

Mt.Gox Trustee Liquidates $230 Million In Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash

Mt Gox users are not likely to get their coins back, but they should at least be paid in coins. INstead the Mt Gox trustee is building massive fiat positions for compensations

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