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Bitcoin Establishes A New 2018 Low

Having hit this year’s record low at $5,892 USD earlier today. The crash after its meteoric rise wasn’t wholly unexpected, especially given all the attention Bitcoin.

A Lawsuit Against Roger Ver Is Gaining Traction

Justice is often elusive. Nevertheless, a group of Bitcoin enthusiasts has decided to take their chance at it by filing a lawsuit against Roger Ver for promoting Bitcoin Cash as the “real” Bitcoin

BoE Governor Mark Carney Calls Bitcoin a Bubble

Another guardian of the status quo comes out to declare that Bitcoin is a bubble and a lottery. BoE governor, Mark Carney, made this deeply skewed and un-academic remark at a university

The Bitcoin Bubble Burst Again

Bitcoin prices are racing all the way to the bottom. Mainstream media and pundits are probably right. The bubble finally bursts, well, the price bubble. Bitcoin’s value is going in the opposite direction.

Bitcoin Searches On Google May Help Predict Price

When Bitcoin prices increase, Google searches with the term “Bitcoin” in them should follow, or maybe it is the other way around. Looking at the data may yield some interesting insights

Bitcoin Gold Price Spike

Pump and dumps are common in cryptcurrency markets, but looking at the sudden Bitcoin Gold price spike this weekend, a pump and dump might not be the only possible explanation.

Bitcoin Above $15000 USD

On Thursday December 7th, Bitcoin reached $15,374 USD according to CoinMarketCap. Less than a week ago… read more

Is Bitcoin Rising Or Is Fiat Falling?

Bitcoin prices rose at break-neck speeds over the last 36 hours, or did they? Maybe we should start framing it the other way around: fiat prices have been falling in terms of Bitcoin.

The Backbone Of the Bitcoin Economy

Consumers are the backbone of the Bitcoin economy, yet they do not get the kind of attention from the media that Bitcoin critics, CME futures trading and scaling debates get. It is time for that to change.

Bitcoin Market Correction As Price Hits $11,000 And NASDAQ Joins The Game

It seems hodlers took some profits today as prices soared above $11,000 USD. This Bitcoin market correction might also pale in comparison to the ones coming, now that Nasdaq announced it will join the game and new money flows in.

Bitcoin Surpassed $10000 USD Before Retreating Slightly

Bitcoin climbed up to the 5-figure sphere, but there are still some factors hodlers and new-comers should consider. Can Bitcoin sustain this growth rate or will mounting threats slow it down?

Bitcoin Reached $8000 USD Milestone

Bitcoin reached the $8,000 USD milestone earlier this week, and prices are holding above that mark…. read more

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