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Bible Quote Found In Bitcoin Block Number 666,666

A hidden Bible quotation has been found, embedded in the transaction of block number 666,666 of… read more

Lost Keys Mean That Millionaires Are Locked Out Of Their BTC Fortunes

Bitcoin’s astonishing rally has driven new institutional and retail investors to the crypto market. But what… read more

Bitcoin Climbs Above $19,000 – Heading to New All-Time High?

For the first time in nearly 3 years, Bitcoin has pushed above $19,000. The OG cryptocurrency… read more

News Roundup: Environmental Activism In The Cryptocurrency Space

Environmental activism in crypto, botnet mining through malaware and other interesting stories that made the headlines this week on our news roundup

What Will Happen With Crypto In 2020?

After an eventful 2019, the bulls are still reeling, Bitcoin dominance seems to have hit a peak, regulation is looming and corporations are hyping their centralized coins, but what will happpen with crypto in 2020?

News Roundup: Crypto Scams Won’t Stop

Scammers always find a way to find new victims. In some cases, authorities find the scammers as well. Here are a few of the latest scams and how they have been dealt with

Why Did Bitcoin Prices Fall Again?

Bitcoin prices fall again, most likely thanks to speculators who are only looking for fiat profits instead of using the cryptocurrency how it was meant to. Here is a more detailed analysis on the reasons why BTC prices are falling again

Does Bitcoin Have A Quantum Computing Problem?

Grandstanding is useful sometimes, but it is mostly useless in the long-term. Scratch the surface of Google’s quantum supremacy claim and you will find out just that. Bitcoin, it seems, is still safe

One Week Of Bakkt: Will Institutional Investment In Bitcoin Take Off?

Try to get institutional investors to buy a contract for which they will have to hold the underlying asset when it settles. Even if that asset is digital, their reticence is evident

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Launch And Price Drops

Bakkt Bitcoin futures opened for trading but during the first 24 hours it looks like institutional investors are not too interested: BTC prices are down and trading volumes are low

The Pendulum Is Swinging For Bitcoin In Argentina

Anti-market forces in South America are particularly strong, which makes the whole continent a wonderful place for market adoption. The latest news out of Argentina serve to prove this point

When LocalBitcoins Bans Cash

LocalBitcoins suspended cash payments, joining a cadre of Bitcoin exchanges that laready tie your bank account to a public address. The gravity of this move cannot be overstated

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