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Some people go out of their way to lie. That seems to be the case of Joerg Molt, who, according to the Twitter account associated with him, is one of Bitcoin’s co-founders. After Craig Wright and all the media circus he created when he came out as Satoshi, Molt’s attempt seems way less credible. That didn’t stop him from trying to make it look more legitimate. Molt declared that he is a co-founder, playing to the widely held assumption that there was a group of people behind the creation of Bitcoin and that no individual could have created Bitcoin single-handedly. Still, his claim is quite baseless, and it has been the focus of recent outrage by other members of the community.

Coming Out as Satoshi and an Investment Adviser

Molt came out as Satoshi without providing any proof. His attempt to impersonate Bitcoin’s creator is so egregious that he also claims that all his tweets are investment advice. This points to a more blatantly sinister yet extremely unsophisticated scheme to claim authority as the creator of Bitcoin to then sway people into possible scams using the name of a noble character that left us a gift without any burden.


Joerg Molt Twitter Account

Taken from Joerg Molt’s Twitter account.



Kenneth Bosak Calls Joerg Molt Out in Public

This is probably the reason why Kenneth Bosak called Molt out in public. Using his Twitter account, Bosak posted a video of a confrontation he instigated with Molt. Calling him a scammer, Bosak doesn’t back down. The verbal altercation doesn’t seem to escalate.

Although Bosak doesn’t have any proof that Molt is a scammer, it is safe to say that the burden of proof is on Molt. You cannot simply go around telling people you are someone that you are not and expect not to be called out as a scammer in public.

This False Satoshi Will Pass

Hopefully this will all pass soon, and we will go back to a world in which we can discuss more substantial matters in the space. After Craig Wright and all the discomfort he has generated, it is time for people in the space to focus on what really matters. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is absolutely meaningless to the future of Bitcoin at this point, which is probably why Satoshi decided to disappear in the first place. We should always be suspicious of anyone calling himself Satoshi or claiming that they had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin.

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