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Ubex Postpones ICO Until September

On the final day of their public token sale, Ubex has announced its extension until no later than September 30, causing anger and concern among contributors.

KICKICO Another Smart Contract Hacking Scandal

Hackers were able to gain access to KICKICO’s smart contracts, stealing around $7.7 million. We look at how this could happen and what it means for the wider blockchain community.

Facebook Adjusts Cryptocurrency Ad Policies

Cryptocurrencies: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. At least that is the conclusion that Facebook seems to have reached after a draconian ban earlier this year

South Korea To Legalize Domestic ICOs

After banning ICOs it seems that South Korean legislators are aready to overturn the ban and replace it with clear rules. The allure of the market seems to be stronger than what these officials thought, or maybe they realized that enforcing the ban is close to impossible

Does the World Really Need Elon Musk’s Internet?

The Space X project has still not moved from the testing stage, raising questions about the project and the need for new, bolder solutions to a free global internet.

Disrupting the Real Estate Market with Blockchain

Real estate financial startup Homelend is exploring how to leverage blockchain technology for this purpose. Using an internal distributed ledger, it plans to fractionalize mortgage loans.

Cambridge Analytica Planned Its Own ICO

Using blockchain to get people to sell their personal data to shore up political campaigns sounds alarming, but since it was Cambridge Analytica that came up with the idea, it is not at all surprising

FINMA Roundtable on ICO Guidelines

Regulators world-wide don’t seem to like ICOs too much, except for Swiss regulator FINMA. It seems this regulator is opening the door for new ICOs to launch within the country, but the framework comes at a cost for new ICOs

Mail Chimp LinkedIn And Twitter Ban Cryptocurrency Advertising

Just like a giant Ouroboros, the recent cryptocurrency and ICO ad ban from Mail Chimp, Twitter and LinkedIn will cause these web 2.0 giants to eat themselves up

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